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Winter Weight Loss

Is it Harder to lose weight in the Winter?

It is possible to lose weight in the winter, certain obstacles can make it a little harder than trying to lose wight in the spring and summer. During these warmer months, the nicer weather is more motivating, pushing you to get outside and be active.

Winter Weight Loss Tips and Strategies to try this year.

Even though it might be more difficult to keep on track during the winter, you can have a healthy weight loss plan that works. Here are some winter weight loss tips to help you get through the winter and keep your healthy weight plan:

  • Make comfort food healthier: During the winter, the body craves warm, heavy foods, while salads and other cold fruits and vegetables aren’t as appealing. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to include healthy produce in comfort-food dishes. Try eating more warm veggies steamed or roasted. Hot, broth-based soups packed with veggies are comforting and super healthy throughout the winter.

  • Try indoor activities: When the weather is cold and snowy, we’re far less likely to be active outdoors, even if our favorite exercise has to be done outside. Get creative with yoga, dance or kickboxing — try something new to make it more fun!

  • Embrace the cold: If you can stand the cold, why not embrace the season, and try some cold-weather activities? Give skiing a try or check out snowboarding and snowshoeing. Walking, jogging and biking can also be great ways to exercise during the winter with a few extra safety precautions.   Working out in the cold can actually burn even more calories as your body works to stay warm.

  • Shorter workouts: If the dark and cold are just too oppressive and you find it difficult to get workout motivation, try shortening your sessions to make them less overwhelming. Sneaking in two sessions of only 10 minutes each during the day can keep you on track with your fitness goals.

  • Change up your holiday fun: Instead of meeting for cocktails or participating in cookie exchanges, suggest to your groups of friends a skating outing, skiing, sledding. To help everyone stay fit but still enjoy the holiday season, base your plans around movement and activity instead of high calorie treats.

  • Stay hydrated: Winter can be very drying, and consistently consuming enough water is essential to your weight loss goals. Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Warm water or hot tea will also give your body the hydration it needs.

  • Complement your workout plan with Zerona: This quick, non-invasive procedure requires very little effort and can help you achieve your fat loss goals faster. With Zerona you can experience a slimmer body without surgery, side effects or downtime.


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