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About Fit Life Zerona Center

Kathryn Angelo DC, and Debra Tranberg DC have been practicing on the South Shore for over three decades.  Together they are  the Fit Life Zerona Center.
Dr. Kathryn Angelo

Dr. Angelo is a licensed chiropractor and has been practicing on the South Shore since 1987, first in Hingham, now in Rockland. She specializes in family chiropractic care, having seen patients from birth to the age of 100.  She is a former officer of the South Shore Chiropractic Society, and current member of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society and the International Chiropractic Society.


Dr. Angelo has extensive post-graduate hours in nutritional therapies and offers nutritional counseling to patients with autoimmune, metabolic, and chronic illnesses, as well as those just seeking a healthier lifestyle.  She is dedicated to helping her patients live their healthiest, most active lives.


Dr. Debra M. Tranberg


Dr. Tranberg is a licensed chiropractor and has provided chiropractic care in New England since 1988.  After two decades practicing in Scituate, using a variety of modalities, including lasers for healing, as well as diet and nutrition, she decided to move into animal  chiropractic, and has been adjusting beloved pets ever since. 

Dr. Tranberg remained current with human nutrition and exercise guidelines.  Seeing the obesity epidemic explode, and the rise in diet related diseases (such as diabetes), she decided it was time to reenter human health care.  Her goal is to help people create a healthier life by supplying the knowledge and tools to take control of their bodies.

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