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Patient Procedure Guide

Welcome to Zerona – the safe, new body slimming, low-level laser proven to remove fat and reduce inches without invasive surgery.  There are no incisions and no recovery time is needed.  Zerona works by utilizing the Erchonia LipoLaser (FDA cleared for laser assisted liposuction) to emulsify adipose tissue, which then releases into the interstitial space.  The excess fat is then passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification.

Your Treatments

  • Zerona is an 6 -12 treatment plan, administered over a 6 -12 week period of time, targeting the areas of your choice.

  • During the procedure, patients generally feel nothing.  Zerona is a low -level laser that does not produce heat, it is completely non-invasive and has never shown any recorded side effects.

  • Before your first treatment, and after your last treatment, your measurements will be taken and recorded.  Before and after pictures will also be taken.

  • You will lay down on the table and put the safety goggles on.  The technician will direct the Zerona lasers at your target areas.

  • Each treatment is 40 minutes – 20 minutes laying on your back and 20 minute lying on your stomach.  Expect 60 minutes in the office from beginning to end.


What You Can Expect

  • After completion of a four week protocol, clinical trials resulted in an average of 3.5 inches lost and some patients losing up to as much as 9 inches. As with any procedure, results will vary and may be more dramatic from one patient to the next.  The best results are achieved by adhering to the following protocol:


Achieve Your Maximum Success

  • Walk – Take a 30 minute walk, or other aerobic exercise of your choice, each day throughout your treatments and for one week after.

  • Hydrate – Drink ½ ounce of water per body weight pound, with a minimum of 67 ounces per day (2 liters).

  • Watch Your Diet – Eliminate fatty snacks, high-fat meals, and alcohol during your treatments.  By reducing fat and alcohol intake, your kidneys, liver and lymphatic systems can quickly purge excess fat from your body after each treatment.

  • Keep Your Appointments.  Do not miss your scheduled weekly treatments.

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