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Your Weight Loss Plan

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. You can start by adding baby steps.

Let’s put a plan in action & start setting goals to achieve the look you want by summertime!

Summer is only a few months away and you are probably already thinking about putting away your long-sleeved shirts, jackets and all that clothing that covers a lot of your body.  And start bringing out your warmer weather wardrobe. This of course means shorts, skirts, sleeveless dresses, and yes………that dreaded bathing suit!

Are you ready to become the healthier version of yourself today? Below are some tips & suggestions that you can start now, so you can feel more confident about wearing your summer wardrobe.


1. Drink lots of water - Start off the day with a refreshing drink that is infused with either lemon, cucumber, or mint, or all together, is tasty as well! This subtle taste in your water will also get you in the mood for the summer. I like to imagine myself relaxing on the beach with a nice warm breeze. Drinking water increases your metabolism and is one of the best ways to help digestion and eliminate toxins.


2. Add cinnamon to your coffee - By adding cinnamon to your coffee, you can get that sweet taste without relying on sugar. Too much sugar is linked to a variety of health problems. Drinking sugar in the morning can also lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. 


3. Drink a smoothie - Green Smoothies are a great way to increase your nutrient intake and help you with weight loss. Smoothies made with spinach, kale, or chard contain vitamin A, C, E, K, calcium, fiber. These nutrient rich leafy greens make you feel fuller for longer and will help to lower your cholesterol.


4. Add turmeric to food - Turmeric helps with weight loss by reducing inflammation. When your body is inflamed, it’s easier to gain weight and harder to lose weight. When your whole system is stressed out, it leads to an increase in fat storage. Inflammation also makes you retain water, which makes you look and feel puffy. Turmeric contains curcumin, which has strong anti-inflammatory compounds and reduces obesity- related inflammation.


5. Mix fruits with healthy fats and proteins – This is a good tip to help assist in weight loss for the summer. When you reach to have an apple or a pear, pair it with nut butter, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, or any other healthy fat or protein. This will slow the absorption of the natural sugars in the fruit, and you will store less fat.


6. Measure your body to track weight loss – This is an extremely helpful tool to keep you motivated to maintain weight loss, and sometimes the scale doesn’t reflect how much weight our body is losing. It’s one of the best ways to monitor and track your progress. 


7. Avoid planning activities around food – This is a tough one for me. Food is supposed to be what fuels us. It nourishes our bodies so that we can live our lives being active and pursue things that interest us. Food is not supposed to be the center of our lives and should not dictate where we go and what we do. To ensure food doesn’t become the focus of your day, avoid planning activities only around food. Example: instead of planning a brunch with a group of friends, plan to go on a walk or possibly a hike! I’m not saying substitute activities for eating, eating should still be a part of your day; it just doesn’t have to be the main part of your day.

We would love to help you achieve your weight loss goals! Reach out today to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.  


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