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Why are we Zerona Providers

When we were introduced to the Zerona Z6 we were ecstatic about the results clients were receiving.

Through the years of being Chiropractors on the South Shore, and consulting our patients on nutrition, it had become quite noticeable that obesity had become a huge problem in our country for adults, seniors, & children.

Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. Obesity is linked to several health problems, including diabetes, heart disease & strokes. Being a Zerona provider allows us to help people create a healthier life with tools to take control of their bodies.

The Zerona Z6 offered a more holistic approach to losing weight than other weight loss treatments like liposuction. People are going to be able to lose weight and inches to achieve goals naturally.

The results from the Zerona treatments help assist our bodies with the following functions:

Regulate Metabolism

Supports Immune system

Produces hormones and proteins

Helps build collagen to reduce wrinkles

Assists liver in processing or removing fat and toxins and keeping blood sugar down

This is why we are Zerona providers and look forward to helping you achieve your health goals to not only look good but feel good too!!


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