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Who is the ideal candidate for Zerona?

Zerona Z6 is a non- invasive fat loss treatment that can help you get the look you want. It’s helpful to know if it will work for you!

You’re a good candidate for Zerona treatment if you want to start a healthy lifestyle but need help stimulating fat loss. You’d most benefit from this fat loss procedure if you find it difficult to lose weight because of your activity level, age, or metabolism. Or if you want to detox your body, because fat cells store pollutants that cause inflammation and metabolic disorders. Zerona empties the fat cells in your body from these contaminants.

The ideal candidate is someone who wants to invest in a fat loss procedure and can commit to a treatment plan that is designed for you to help assist you on your weight loss journey and your goal is to lose overall inches from your waist, hips, and thighs, producing a general slimming effect. Specifically, Zerona is most effective when used on clients who are already leading healthy lives and seeking weight loss in problem areas.

You may be close to your ideal figure, or you have been unsuccessful at losing fat through exercising and eating a balanced diet. Especially if you already have an active lifestyle and some parts of your body are resistant to your diet and exercise efforts.

Zerona treatments require clients to follow a healthy diet and moderate exercise routine to keep the cells from refilling with fat.

Here are some success stories from our clients!!!!

"{Zerona} is relaxing...there is no down time and I can work during the procedure...So easy! and I think it is very affordable!" Jodi P

"I purchased a package of nine lasers sessions from Fit Life Zerona. (Six have been completed) This was the first time I had heard of Zerona lasers. The results were above and beyond my expectations. My Cholesterol is 190 now down from 195. My doctor made a comment “of all my years checking cholesterol, I have never had a patient over 60 with this low of a number”! She was thrilled! As for my Glucose results, my level has dropped by 3 points. Again, my doctor was thrilled. I would highly recommend Fit Life Zerona." Diane R "I did come for the medical reasons, so it was an added plus that I lost 3-5 lbs. I definitely felt better, fit, toned. It was definitely a great experience." Diane R "I had six treatments a year ago, I lost 20lbs, and went down a size.. I have maintained that loss for the year." Deb T


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