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What to expect from your first Zerona treatment

Most commonly asked questions about your Zerona treatments!

How long does it take?

Typically, each treatment lasts 40 minutes – 20 minutes lying on your back and 20 minutes lying on your stomach. The treatment ends with percussion massage, which aids lymphatic drainage. Expect 60 minutes in the office – from beginning to end.

What happens?

Before your first treatment your measurements will be taken and recorded along with before pictures. You then lie down on the table with safety goggles on. The technician will direct the Zerona lasers at your target areas.

Will I feel any pain?

During the procedure clients feel nothing, because Zerona is a low – level laser that does not produce heat; it is completely non- invasive and has never shown any side effects.

What should I do after the treatments?

A simple walk or other aerobic exercise of your choice for 30 minutes throughout your treatment and for 1 week after. Hydrate – drink ½ ounce of water per body weight pound, with a maximum of 67 ounces per day. Watch your diet……eliminate fatty snacks, high fat meals and alcohol during your treatments.

Remember to keep your scheduled appointments. The best results are achieved by adhering to the plan that was designed personally for you!


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