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What To Expect During Zerona Treatments

Before starting your weight loss journey. It’s important to understand what to expect during the sessions.

You will start with a consultation. This will give us a better understanding of what your goals are, and we will design a personalized treatment plan just for you. We will then schedule your sessions according to the plan that was designed for you to achieve your goals.

The procedure is straightforward and causes no known side effects. Each treatment lasts 40 minutes – 20 minutes lying on your back and 20 minutes laying on your stomach. The treatment ends with percussion massage which aids lymphatic drainage. Expect to spend about 60 minutes in the office from beginning to end.

Before your first treatment, measurements will be taken and recorded along with before pictures. You then lie down on the table with safety goggles on. The technician will direct the Zerona lasers to your target areas.

You will not feel anything during your treatment, because Zerona is a low laser that does not promote heat.

Removing fat from your body can be a tricky process. You could diet and spend countless hours at the gym, but you could still be wishing for more noticeable results when you look at yourself in the mirror. If you can relate to this, then Zerona fat loss procedure could be for you.


So, if you have decided that Zerona is the answer you have been looking for to help you on your journey to looking and feeling good, below are some tips on how to prepare for your Zerona treatments.


Tips on prepping for Zerona Treatments

As you look forward to starting non- invasive Zerona treatments, you should start doing what you can to prepare. With the right prep, your treatments can be even more successful with noticeable, natural looking results. The prepping is simple, and you probably have already implemented them in your routine.


1. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated in general is a healthy habit, but it can also influence how successful your Zerona treatments are. So, if you haven’t been drinking as much, think about increasing the amount before treatments start. Hydration plays a key role in flushing out toxins and targeted fat cells out of the body after your treatments. So, staying hydrated before and after treatments are beneficial to achieve great results.

2. Start a healthier diet

It’s always a good time to start eating healthier food on a regular basis. It takes discipline, but the results of a healthier diet can be rewarding. Use your upcoming Zerona treatment as the spark to inspire a change in your own lifestyle, by eating better. You will want to maintain your results after your Zerona treatments. Keeping your slimmer appearance starts with eating foods that give you the essential nutrients you will need while reducing your intake of sugars, unhealthy fats, and excessive carbs.

3. Exercise

Eating well is only half the battle of maintaining a slimmer figure and leading a healthy lifestyle. You also must exercise on a regular basis. Exercising can be something to look forward to every day. Even 30 minutes per day of low impact exercising can make the difference between putting on extra pounds and keeping the fat from building up.

The goal of your upcoming Zerona body slimming procedure is to lose fat and achieve your desired results. Start the process now by engaging in a consistent exercise routine. You may even lose some fat before your treatment, helping your results to be even more in line with your goals.

4. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Part of staying hydrated and consuming a healthy diet is to cut out alcohol and      

caffeine. This part of your prep could be hard. Both alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you, making your body less effective at flushing out toxins and targeted fat.

5. Use tighter clothing for reference

Preparing for Zerona can also include giving yourself something to look forward to. Do have that favorite outfit that you just hold onto for when you lose weight? Pull it out and try it on before your first treatment and keep trying it on throughout your treatment period to experience the results after each treatment. By the end of your treatments, you may feel much better wearing that favorite outfit again! And you will know it’s thanks to a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and a little help from Zerona.

Do you have specific questions about Zerona treatments? We encourage you to reach out to us for a complimentary phone consult to see if Zerona treatments are right for you!


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