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How to maximize your Zerona Treatment results!

Look good! Feel good!!

If you are deciding to or have already decided to start your Zerona Treatments, here are a few tips for great results!!


Staying well hydrated at all times is the most essential piece of advice to keep in mind when you are committed to Zerona treatments. Hydration is actually key because the laser treatments stimulate your cells to release their stored-up fat, and the body must be able to flush this fat out of its system. Dehydration will make this process much more difficult.


You will want to eat smaller meals and an ideal schedule consists of eating four to five smaller meals per day instead of two – three larger meals. Eating smaller meals will allow your liver to process your food more efficiently. Making healthy food choices will help your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system eliminate the fat from the body more easily. In general, avoid processed foods, which inhibit the livers usual fat processing function.


Maintain or start your daily exercise regularly to achieve at least half an hour of mild to moderate exercise per day. Getting your blood flowing and muscles moving each day will promote the removal of fat through your lymphatic system.


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