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How to maximize your Zerona results with exercise!

Do I have to exercise after a treatment?

A good routine after each treatment would be mild to moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Getting your blood flowing and muscles moving will promote the removal of fat through your lymphatic system.

Try not to do anything too demanding like powerlifting or running because these activities build up lactic acid, which will make the body burn sugar instead of fat. Stick with lighter activities such as yoga, walking, or Pilates.

With the summer ending quicker than we all would like……..a great exercise after a treatment is swimming. Enjoy the rest of the warmer weather following up sessions with a swim!

Another great thing to do is spend time in a sauna.

Sweating is a great way to release fat and toxins from your body after a Zerona treatment.

Once the laser treatment has released the fat from your fat cells, spending some time in the sauna to induce perspiration will help your body get rid of excess fatty content.

Let us help you reach your fat loss goals!!


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