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Are you a good candidate for Zerona?


You’re a good candidate for Zerona treatments if you want to start a healthy lifestyle but need help stimulating fat loss.

Zerona is an effective way to lose fat and help boost your wellness journey. Your results may vary based on your medical history and the targeted parts of the body.

For most people, Zerona is safe and effective with no pain. This non-invasive fat loss treatment comes with many benefits. The Zerona uses no anesthesia & no bandages needed because there is no bruising or swelling and no down time to recover. And you won’t have to miss any work or take time out of your busy schedule. With Zerona, you can continue your daily activities immediately after your treatments. You can even schedule a treatment during a lunch break and make it back to work on time.


The treatments are relaxing. All you need to do is lay on your back for 20 minutes, flip over and lay on your front for 20 minutes. During this time, you can relax and take a few minutes away from your hectic schedule, or you can bring a book or even play a game on your phone while you wait for the lasers to shrink the fat cells in your body. It’s that simple!


You’ll find this fat loss procedure to be less intimidating than other treatment methods because there is virtually no set up time for the treatment. The lasers do not make direct contact with your body so there is no pain or uncomfortable feeling from the actual lasers.


Some examples of who is a good candidate for Zerona would include……


If you are over the age of 50: 

You might find it difficult to lose weight because of your activity level, age, or metabolism. Zerona can efficiently get rid of that stubborn fat. But this treatment is also suitable for those under 50 as well.

If you have kids at home or work full time: 

It might be challenging to lose weight if you work and take care of kids, leaving little time for exercise or preparing healthy meals. You can easily fit in a Zerona treatment.

If you want to detox your body:

You’d be a great candidate for Zerona if you’re committed to getting rid of the chemicals in your body. Fat cells store pollutants that cause inflammation. Zerona empties the fat cells in your body from these contaminants.

If you are interested in body contouring:

Zerona focuses more on body contouring than weight loss. If you already have an active lifestyle and some parts of your body are resistant to your diet and exercise efforts, then Zerona treatments can help you get the look you want.


Zerona is a great companion to your diet and exercise routine, and we are here to help you on your weight loss journey to better health!

Call us today for a complimentary consultation to find out if Zerona is right for you!


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